Executive Due Diligence

This type of background check is commonly referred to as 'Deep Referencing' and in simple terms involves the comprehensive and confidential due diligence on key individuals.

Most investors are vigilant in undertaking legal and financial due diligence prior to finalizing major transactions. However, due diligence on the people is often overlooked.

It is imperative in any business transaction not only to understand the business, but to ensure that you also know the 'real' integrity, reputation and credentials of those people responsible for running the business; as well as those who may become part of your executive team or overseeing your funds.

This level of background check is detailed, extremely discreet and can be tailored to the requirements of the client and to the nature of the transaction.

This is used as a crucial part of the due diligence process when conducting Management Buy-Outs, Buy-Ins and a range of investment scenarios.

As part of the overall process we discreetly look into the background of the person concerned to assess that they have performed what they state as well as whether there is anything untoward in their past or relating to their current activities that may be important for an investor to be aware of. Issues that arise may relate to matters of finance, litigation, conflicts of interest, illegality or malpractice.

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