Employee Background Checks

It is well documented that a large proportion of prospective employees have misrepresented within their CVs or embellished details in order to secure a particular position.

If you also employee a person who claims to have a technical degree, or professional qualification, where in fact they do not then you may find that your commercial insurance becomes void or your commercial activities become non-compliant.

There are also other issues associated with hiring an individual whose background has discrepancies. These can include costs of re-hiring, matters relating to organisational reputation and in some cases exposing you to activities such as fraud or money laundering.

The Box89 Employee Check involves the following components:

  • Full verification of employment history
  • Full verification of tertiary education
  • Address & identity verification
  • Credit check, including county court judgments & bankruptcy
  • Directorships check
  • Checks with sanction lists & watch lists for involvement in/association with fraud, money laundering, drugs & related illegal activities
  • News/media search for anything published about their background
  • Checks with regulators & industry/professional bodies where appropriate
  • Verification of memberships & professional qualifications

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