We have listed below a number of internet links that may be useful for both companies and individuals who are conducting business within the financial services sector:

Anti Money Laundering

We are seeing more cases in which the 'context of money laundering' is appearing within our checks and investigations. If 'your client' is relatively unknown, or the geographic region or industry sector has a history of such activity, then we do recommend at least a cursory check to avoid exposure. Below are a number of useful links that will give you an insight into the 'problems and related issues' surrounding money laundering. It will also provide you with some background into how the enforcement agencies are currently dealing with this issue:

Regulation & Compliance

Many of our clients are regulated by the Financial Services Authority in the UK or the US Securities and Exchange Commission. There is an increasing requirement for regulated firms to conduct proper inquiries in order to 'know your client.' Regulated companies are also required to 'perform appropriate pre-employment checks' on new employees. Such regulatory demands have led us to increasingly support our clients in conducting discreet inquiries into their new clients as well as performing pre-employment and vetting checks. Below are some useful links to the regulatory bodies:

The following link is particularly useful as it provides a complete list of Financial Services Regulatory Bodies worldwide:

News & Current Affairs

With clients and projects spread across the globe it is always healthy to maintain a balanced view on current affairs and what is developing in the international media. With this in mind we have included a number of useful links. You will also find a link to a site that enables you to quickly and easily view the different time zones in most major cities around the world:


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