Why Box89?

Formed in 1999 Box89 was created for the purpose of providing the private equity community with a high quality and discreet background checking service.

Since formation we have been involved in a large number of key management buy-outs and published investments. During each project it has been our role to conduct detailed checks on the management.

The purpose of the checks is to establish that the people 'have done what they have claimed to have done,' that they 'were indeed capable and trustworthy' and that they 'did not have anything in their past that would be a cause for concern within the context of the proposed investment.'

Reflecting our experience, Box89 has been a member of the British Venture Capital Association for the past 6 years and is also a member of the Swiss Private Equity & Corporate Finance Association.

Key to our success

Box89 was established with the purpose of providing comprehensive and confidential due diligence on key individuals.

As a company we have remained extremely discreet and have built and impressive network of resources around the world. We continuously identify, consolidate and manage some of the best data sources currently available.

The combination of our actual in-country operatives and leading edge data sources enables us to deliver quick, insightful and high quality results to our clients.

Unlike many investigation and intelligence firms we also give our clients opinion & recommendations based on our experience and understanding of specific jurisdictions. We find that our clients appreciate this interaction and the fact that they are not simply paying for 'dry reports.'

Contact Us

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